“Shit happens”

This used to be my motto… when I was 15 years old I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease. I didn’t really understand it and didn’t really want to. It was something that felt separate to me, to my being. Something that “got in the way” of being a teenager. So when things flared up, I used to just knock it aside and say “Shit Happens”. It may seem that saying this was a positive way of dealing with it – it’s like saying, everyone goes through something, this is just my “thing”. But what I realised over the years that the attitude and desire to say this motto changed… in a sense, I started to get upset that this shit “happened” to me, and as I got older, I realised the more I kind of dismissed my Crohn’s, the less aware I became with dealing with it, and then healing from it.



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