Tried and Tested…


Apart from having over 30 surgical procedures (my file at St. Vinnies is ridiculously HUGE! The nurses and doctors actually kind of laugh about it, I just say that I’m a “professional patient”), I have tried many different medical therapies too… some I don’t really remember due to the major DENIAL stage I lived in when I was first diagnosed – it’s amazing how much the mind can suppress when you don’t want to deal with reality!

But these are some of the things I tried:

Oral medication: Keflex, Clarithromycin, Ciproxin, Rifabutin, Clofazamine, Flagyl, Tinidazole, Augmentin (allergic to it – makes me nauseous), sulphasalazine (also allergic – makes me itchy all over) and Imuran (immunosuppressant)

Steroids: Oral prednisone. I remember being on 15mg of oral prednisone and it was the bomb! I worked in a jewellery store and was so pumped with energy on it, I could literally stand by the door awaiting customers with a big smile on my face for 6 hours! (all medically observed, nothing abused!)

Enemas: Gel and foam – feels weird and great at the same time. Awkward to hide from boyfriend when lying on your side on the (beautifully heated!) bathroom floor administering it secretly, hoping nothing will leak out when you jump into bed together!

Suppositories: Prednisone and Rifabutin. Then there was a combination of crushed prednisone, zinc cream and a cortisone gel mixed together on cotton wool and inserted throughout the night – tingly!

Infusions: Remicade or infliximab – unfortunately am allergic to it! Had 3 infusions about 10 years ago when it was first trialled to help Crohn’s patients, where there was a 70% success rate. I unfortunately was in the 30% that it didn’t work for. And even last month we tried to introduce it again, but it looks like I had developed the antibodies to combat it, and while I was having my second infusion, I had difficulty breathing and had hot flushes. So no can do anymore.

All of these medical interventions helped in some way or another, either by eliminating ones that weren’t right for my body or helping the healing. And I think I’ve done more than just these ones, but this is a pretty hectic list to start off with anyway!

What I am grateful for is that I have access to alternative therapies and healing methods to ease pain, to counteract symptoms of the medications and to make my immunity and digestive system stronger. It is such a shame that these other medical therapies can be very expensive to access because the government doesn’t support them to subsidise them, or that because they are not seen as “conventional”, people only listen to what their doctor says. Now, I’m not saying to defy your doctors, but listen to your instinct – seek other opinions (it’s ok to go to other doctors and see their point of view – it might be the same as what your original doctor said), research other treatment plans, exhaust other options of treatment because the more you do, the more you can find what works for you.

And just like some medications work and don’t work for people (as mentioned above), some of these alternative options may or may not work for you. But why not give it a try? If you really want to deal with your health and heal from it, you’ve got nothing to lose. I’ll write another post about them, giving you an insight as to how some of them helped and what they do, but here is the list:

Energetic healing – kinesiology, tapping techniques and AcuEnergetics
Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber
Vitamins and supplements

The best thing to do is go and talk to people. Learn from their experiences. Nowadays its ok to talk about your health issues with people, and you will be surprised how many people are also unwell or know someone else who is unwell. A lot of the doctors and treatments I have come across are from other people’s suggestions of how to deal and heal. So research, go on forums, read blogs (like this one!) and talk to people and see where your healing can take you xx






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