Granny fun…


I am totally excited about my “granny” purchase – pillboxes bitches! hahah So the blue one is for the morning pills and the red one is for the evening pills. Now don’t get too freaked out, this isn’t all the medication I have to take for Crohn’s! They are actually also lots of vitamins that I need to load up on to counteract side effects of medication and to help keep me super healthy and immune strong.

Now, the reason I put them in pillboxes is not only because I like to be uber organised (sometimes when you’re on autopilot with dealing with your illness, you can’t quite remember if you DID take your pills or not…), but also because when you have to take lots of pills to help with your health, nothing makes you FEEL sicker than when you have a bunch of pill bottles that you need to individually open, take out the quantity, swallow them, and then repeat the process again. Like below:ImageGROSS! Feeling sick looking at all that! Will put them all into pretty little boxes…
So at the beginning of the week, I just chill on my bed and sort my pills out for the week. I carry my pillboxes easily in my handbag so if I’m out and about and need to take them (they’re much easier to digest after having food in your belly! And also, taking medication shouldn’t stop you from going out and having fun), just pop open corresponding day and VOILA! Healing time! My magic number of pills I can swallow at one time is 9! Now, don’t go choking on your medication! But it does make things easier and quicker if you can swallow them in bulk. Also, remember to try and take them with a warm drink, as it helps dissolve capsules easier in your tummy.

Obviously the Chinese herbs or any other dissolvable medicine or vitamins that needs to be diluted can’t be carried in a pillbox, but I find adding them into hot water and creating a “tea” makes it easier to drink, because as much as those Chinese herbs help you, they can smell and taste like shit! For some reason when it is warmed up, your body is more receptive of it, it triggers a calming and soothing effect, instead of dry retching and holding your nose to swallow it down! At times, halfway through I have even convinced myself that I have drunk enough of the mixture, as it can be totally punishing!

So if you’re having a “I can’t do this anymore” moment when it comes to taking your medication, try pillboxes or warming things up to help ease the challenge. Remember, your medication and supplements are helping you get better, so don’t neglect to take them, and also, you may not have to take them forever! Just appreciate that they’re around for a little while at the moment to help you deal and heal.



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