Make a wish…


ImageI was just having a giggle in the bathroom while doing this, because for as long as I can remember, whenever I see a loose eyelash floating around my face, I pick it up, make a wish, and then blow it away! My wish is always the same “I wish I had no problems with my Crohn’s”. Don’t worry, I say it differently in my head when I actually make the wish, so my “wishing powers” will still come true, even though I’ve told you what I wished for!

Whether you believe in magic and that wishes do come true, or you are just superstitious, it’s fun having these little activities/habits or traditions. Because just being aware of your health is helpful in the healing process. It’s like regularly acknowledging that you are doing something to help with the healing. If it is magic or just you tapping into Rhonda Byrne’s ‘The Secret’, putting out a little positive energy with your words to the universe makes you feel great.

So whether it’s an eyelash, the first star you see tonight, or a lucky charm, have a play! It feels good to know that you’re trying everything out there that can contribute to the healing.

And remember, pampering yourself on those days that you don’t feel so good goes a long way too – get a facial, mani/pedi, massage, buy something new, sit out in the sun – whatever it might be, spoil yourself! Get the most out of feeling good and enjoy it… I’m off to get a massage! Xx



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