Stress and your gut – a summary

A friend of mine sent me this link after hearing I was returning back to work after taking an extended break to recover from a recent relapse… Basically a big “WATCH OUT FOR STRESS!” message!

Our guts react strongly to stress, whether it be small or large… the reason why you feel “butterflies in your stomach” when you’re nervous, or “sick to your stomach” when you find out some bad news, or when something (literally) “gives you the shits”, this is all a feeling of anxiousness (stress) manifesting in your guts! I think we’ve all had these sensations in our mid-section, so it’s no surprise that our guts are susceptible to stress.

This article outlines what happens to your guts when you feel stressed – from the overgrowth of bad bacteria, to your intestinal lining weakening! DAMMIT! Need to get more zen because stress ain’t good for my Crohn’s!

Some suggestions in the article to reduce your guts being compromised during a stressful situation:
– consuming probiotics, either supplements and/or food on a regular basis. For probiotic food, try miso soup, kombucha (never tried this, but hear it’s the rage with all the hipsters these days), sauerkraut… check out this website for more details and what can work for you:
– cod liver oil: can get this is in capsule form if you don’t want to swallow it
– meditation, yoga, tai chi… all those forms of slow, deep breathing that we know are good for us.

And like I’ve mentioned before, if you have other forms of stress/emotional management that have worked, would love to hear them! Acupuncture once a week does amazing things for me… I love my yoga (when I can get to a class!)… and am committing to a one-day meditation course coming up in a couple of weeks to get the ball rolling for my mind-body awareness and calmness. I’m open to try anything that will help me deal and heal my Crohn’s.


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