So it’s been over 6 weeks since I’ve started my new diet plan and have introduced many vitamins and supplements to support my system. This has all happened under the care of Dr. Yuwen Lee at Pymble Grove Health Centre ( who I was introduced to me by my mother, who was seeing her for her thyroid issues. My mum, a warrior for good health and preempting anything gnarly that might happen to me due to my Crohn’s, booked an appointment for me in September last year for February this year (so 6 months in advance, so call Dr. Lee now to make your consultation time for next year!) because she swore that Dr. Lee was absolutely fabulous and that I should see her to get some help. I didn’t imagine that I would be seeing her a week BEFORE my relapse and return to hospital, and that this was the PERFECT marker for me to compare the before and after effects of her guidance and treatment.

When I first went to see her, I was more concerned about getting to her, as she is almost an hour’s drive from my house! What a hassle I was thinking, but now, she is SO worth the drive! She is very friendly and before I knew it I was telling her EVERYTHING about my life. Prompted by some interesting questions, such as: “Would you describe yourself as a patient person?”, “Do you dream vividly?”, “What foods do you crave?”, I divulged in that 1.5 hour session my whole mental and physical functioning, including my moods and reactions to certain scenarios… which I couldn’t believe was relevant… but soon found out how it was ALL connected…
She weighed me, did a blood text, did a pinch (fat) test, touched my skin and hair texture… it was VERY comprehensive and I felt like I could trust her and that this was all good value to the small fortune I was paying her for the appointment.

Anyway, every 6 weeks I’ve gone to see her to check in on how things are working, how I am maintaining my health, managing which supplements to take, getting B12 injections, and my most recent visit to her on Wednesday proved that things are actually improving, just through a change in diet and taking supplements!
She went through her questions again and then highlighted how my responses were different now to what they were initially 4 months ago – I am no longer constipated, no bloating, no wind (seriously, I hardly EVER fart now – yes, girls do fart – and I notice it when my husband farts, I’m like “Hey! That wasn’t me, I haven’t farted all day…actually, didn’t even fart yesterday…or the day before…”), my energy levels are amazing, I feel lighter but stronger, my skin is glowing, my hair feels softer and I am not losing it in clumps, I feel alert, I can concentrate for longer periods of time, I’ve lost over a kilo of bad fat but have built up good fat (which means my body is now absorbing protein) and I am more patient and calm… seriously! It’s amazing! Just through diet and taking supplements where I have deficiencies has made ALL this difference. And I know this because the western medicine I am also on has been the same for the last 9 years and this is the NEW thing I introduced to my healing regime and I am feeling a difference, I am feeling the best I have felt in a super long time! I think it’s pretty incredible, and for someone like me who likes to feel in control (especially with my Crohn’s), knowing that I have contributed to this improvement of my health is just such a great feeling and achievement.

In all honesty, I had to change my diet enormously, which was sad and challenging at first to eliminate everything I loved eating… and I am on a LOT of supplements (recall my pillbox blog!) which can be annoying to take on top of my medication, but I’m taking them. Just to list a few of them: Zinc, Vitamin B, Vitamin E, Vitamin D, Pro-8 200 and Nilstat (probiotics), digestive enzymes, omega-3, cod liver capsules, and a bunch of other things for gut healing, liver support, biochemical imbalance and antioxidants. … just doing what I need to do, to feel and get better. And it’s working! That stage of feeling like I need to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING to recover just pushed me into that focused zone of healing (and at times, sacrificing!) and now I am reaping the rewards!

To be fair, there are still symptoms of my Crohn’s that I would like to be different (I can’t claim that I’ve cured EVERYTHING), and I am not saying that diet and supplements are the ONLY way to heal Crohn’s, but it definitely helps SUPPORT the work that you are ALREADY doing to stay in remission. And when you feel this good – lighter, stronger, more energy, happier, calmer- you kinda don’t wanna go back to the way things were before, when you could eat whatever you wanted. We’ve all known for some time that eating healthier and taking the right vitamins for your body is good for our health in the long run, so actually putting that knowledge into action is really not THAT big of a mission to adopt. If I can do it, you can do it. I mean, I still crave pizzas (I’m not perfect! I’m not a fully fledged “eat right for your body” guru yet!)…I freakin’ love pizza and miss eating it…but hey…Give a new diet and vitamins a TRY at least! See how good you can feel too…you’ll love the difference, so it’s all worth it in the end xx


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