The Humira Trap


I’ve completed my first sets of Humira injections – the first set consisted of 4 injection pens that were SUPER painful that caused me to cry and bruise on my stomach at the puncture point. The second set was only with 2 injections, and I must say, having the injections out of the fridge really helped diminish the pain…for some reason, when it’s colder, it hurts more. I ain’t no doctor so I’m not sure of the explanation for this one. Anyway, now I am ready for my 1 injection, every 2 weeks. I’m due tomorrow to do it.

So the dilemma is, because my initial reaction to the injections was a mini breakdown in front of the nurse in the hospital, they enlisted me in a program that would provide me with support over the first 3 self-administered injections at my own home. What a fantastic program – they send out a nurse who is happy to assist me as I inject myself for 10 seconds, and they are just there to help me with any concerns I may have, in the privacy of my own home…for free. Initially, I was really excited about this program, considering that I am not as brave as I’d like to think I am, and having the support of a trained medical person in my home while I administer this large injection at any time that suits me, is a great feeling. FINALLY I don’t have to wait for the next available appointment at some obscure time…I don’t have to take time off work, worry about getting to an appointment on time, waiting way past my appointment time for my doctor who is running late… in the comfort of my home at my own time of convenience, a nurse will come to me.

But it’s the night before, and I’m kinda feeling, well, is there any point getting a nurse to come out all this way (she’ll be travelling for an hour to get to me!) to just supervise me inject myself, when I’ve done it 5 out of the 6 injections anyway? I feel like this is one big hassle. To be honest, I’d rather just inject myself in the morning before I go to work and get it over and done with, so I don’t have to think about it for the rest of the day, instead of waiting for the nurse to come to my place around 6pm when I get home from work. So I spoke to the nurse who has been assigned to me and told her that I’m feeling confident to do it on my own, and not to worry about coming over tomorrow. But it looks like my gastro doctor has enrolled me in a special version of the ‘home support’ program which states that I HAVE to have supervised visitations until I see the doctor again at the end of the month.

Now it just feels like a big bloody deal. In my mind I’ve simplified it to just a 10 second injection that I can get over and done with first thing in the morning before I start my day. But now it’s a 10 second injection that I need to have a nurse trek all the way over for to watch me do it after I come home from work (and clean up the house quickly so she doesn’t think I’m a slob). I feel trapped! Even though I’ve offered the nurse a way out, she’s not allowed to NOT come! She has strict instructions. Damn.

I think this is bothering me because it’s another feeling of burdening someone with my illness, despite the fact the nurse sounds lovely on the phone and really has no problem coming out to visit me (“It’s part of my job”). And I think it’s also just another reminder that this whole Crohn’s thing really needs lots of consideration and planning for. It needs supervision, not just by me, but by other medical personnel. And it’s another new treatment that I’ve got to follow through with. And it’s not as simple as just injecting yourself for 10 seconds with some miracle medicine – I’ll be self-administering every two week indefinitely.

Silver lining(s): I’m in the comfort of my own home getting treatment. I’m getting help for something that freaked me out a month ago. I’m receiving medicine that’s making me better. And I have a new nurse friend to make.

It could be worse xx


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