How a punch to my boob affected my guts…


Funniest thing happened to me on Wednesday night – I play in a basketball team and I returned to the competition after being away for 4 months due to recent relapse. Feeling better and stronger to play, I went onto the court. Obviously I took it easy, didn’t push myself too far… but then I got punched in the boob! Super hard! A punch right into my left nipple! It felt like it should’ve bruised immediately, but it didn’t, and it was weird grasping at my boob and trying to massage it while I was still running around on the court. Anyway…life goes on…boob hurt for a the whole next day too. I’m talking super aching.

So I went to my acupuncturist today (every Friday evening I have a session to zen my week and to heal my EVERYTHING) and she asked me how I was going, how work was, whether I had returned to basketball…the usual friendly chat as I lay on the table relaxing, with some small needles shallowly puncturing my body… and I told her my funny story of being punched in the boob. She asked me if it still hurt and I said “sort of” so she started to do some resonance (an energetic healing technique – similar to reiki but on Chinese acupuncture points) over my left boob and said that she could feel that there was a blockage there. She then asked me if I had had any trouble with my stomach since then… I was like, OHMIGOD! YES! I’ve had the “liquoops ” (liquid poops – I coined this term to describe the “not-quite-diarrhea” stage) for the last two days, and it’s been really bizarre because I have been a pooping machine! Usually I just go twice a day, but the last 2 days I had gone 5 or 6 times in the day! She then explained to me that where I got hit, there is a energy channel that actually runs from the nipple through to the stomach channel (Chinese meridians) and that my boob bashing had interrupted the energy flow! I mean, any whack to the tit would fuck your energy flow, but this was totally awesome (in a “what a surprise!” kinda way) because it was an actual cause and effect situation. It was the only thing to explain why my pooping situation had changed since the hit.

She did some energetic healing for me for the area and I’m curious to see whether it’ll actually work tomorrow – will the pooping extravaganza subside? Hmmm….

Don’t get me wrong, I totally trust my acupuncturist, she is amazing! Her healing techniques really work for me…but so funny how she made the connection for me that I may have stomach issues based on my accident… this coincidence just seems to good to be true! Boob whack affecting stomach… my god I love energetic healing. I love how the body and the energy within us is all connected… time to get back to the healing!


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