A picture is worth a thousand words…


I was really inspired today after receiving some messages from family and friends who wanted to bring my attention to Bethany Townsend – a Crohn’s sufferer who has a photo that has just gone viral of her in a bikini with her colostomy bags. What a champion! I actually came across her blog a couple of months ago when I was researching other Crohn’s blogs out there (there are so few of us blogging our experiences!) and was impressed and saddened by her experience. She has had a SERIOUSLY fucked up time with her Crohn’s disease, to the point where her bowel actually exploded! Sometimes I am grateful that I don’t have it as bad as some other Crohn’s sufferers, and it’s amazing to see her look so vibrant and together considering her struggles. GO BETHANY! I am so happy that her story has come out in such as positive way for her, and that her photo going viral is making her feel confident about herself and her colostomy bags. Check this hottie out: bethany townsend


So I had my own “picture” story today – I bumped into my surgeon at the shopping centre, and it was one of those moments where you aren’t quite sure whether you should acknowledge each others’ existence… This was because I had seen him in hospital only 2 days ago, and when I say “seen” I mean, I was unconscious and he was looking up my butt. Anyway, we bumped into each other and I said “Hi” and he said “Hi” back and before I knew it we were having a good ol’ chat about our respective shopping adventures. He asked how I was, but clearly the shopping bags in my hands were enough evidence that I was fine after we “hung” out in hospital together. So he says to me “Can I ask you a personal question?” and as I reply yes, I’m thinking of all the possible questions he may ask me (did you like my handiwork yesterday? are you in a lot of pain? is the stricture more comfortable?) and then he tells me that he is doing a presentation to other doctors about perianal Crohn’s disease and was wondering if I could mind being a case study. I was like “Sure! No problem”, and then he says that he will have to use photos of me (obviously without my face in it) to help his presentation. And once again I said “Sure! No problem”… I’m assuming he has photos from surgery, maybe even use a set of colonscopy photos… but he tells me that he doesn’t have any photos and will need me to pose for some! hahaha

So, this will require me to come into his office and lie down on my back with my knees up towards my chest, feet over my head, so he can take butt photos. Yes, I will be a butt model. I think this is hilarious and of course agree to it… it is for medical purposes after all, and I do have an appointment with him in 3 weeks time, so may as well! He’s going to be looking at my butt anyway, what difference does it make to me if he takes a photo? I figure that as a woman, if you have had a brazilian wax before, you really have no shame about people poking around down there!

Anyway, embrace yourselves ladies and gents! What you may believe to be a disfigurement/ugly/freaky/abnormal is completely awesome and acceptable to many people – whether it be your family, friends, loved ones, doctors or strangers! If you can be comfortable with yourself and your health condition, it’ll make life much easier for you when you are dealing and healing xx


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