From ear hole to asshole…


This last week I’ve been talking about getting my ear pierced again. I already have 8 piercings in my ears and I love them – the first 2 piercings were a gift from my mum on my 6th birthday, the following 3 were done as part of my teenage rebellion, but the last 3 piercings I’ve had done were carefully chosen as an adult based on instinct as to where to have them located.

In Chinese medicine, the ear represents various organs and tissue throughout the body and through acupuncture on certain points, many health conditions can be managed. Similar to the concept of reflexology, that there are corresponding points in your feet to certain parts of your body. So when I’ve had a strong “feeling” as to where I want my next piercing, I know it’s because my body is telling me that I need to bring my awareness to a specific body part.

I went to my acupuncturist yesterday afternoon and after my session I spoke to her about where I wanted to get my next piercing. I told her that I’d had a strong feeling of where I would like it done, and that I was sure (like before) that it was because my body was trying to connect me to something. So she pulled out her book about the acupuncture points in the ear so we could look at it together and I shit you not, where I want to get my next piercing coincides with the RECTUM and EXTERNAL GENITALS point!!! How crazy is that? Matches perfectly with what happened with my recent relapse of Crohn’s affecting my labia and perineum.

My acupuncturist smiled widely at me, happy that I’ve become so in tune with my body as well as a little surprised about how uncanny the relevance of the connection was. I love that I know where I want to get pierced and that it will directly affect points that need some love and healing energy. Super cool. So my acupuncturist put a little magnet covered by a clear sticker on the point on my ear where I want to get pierced. The idea is that this focused energy on that specific point might be what my body just needs instead of getting it actually pierced.

piercingThe magnet is the little gold point on the top right side. Will see what happens. Just having it there might relieve some symptoms. Or I might just get it pierced anyway because it’s super pretty. Either way, it’s so interesting to see how our body is connected to itself. Apparently the same goes for people who want to get tattoos in certain places on their bodies – it’s actually referring to an energetic point that needs some attention. Keep listening to your body to know what’s right for you to deal and heal yourself.


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