A toke(n) of my appreciation…


treatmentsopularFound this (not very clear) infographic from the 23andme website (http://blog.23andme.com/23andme-research/what-patients-say-works-for-crohns-disease/) which was conducted by Cure Together which looks at treatments that Crohn’s patients have found have worked for them. They did a study over 4 years talking to several hundred Crohn’s patients and asked them from their own personal experiences which treatments worked for them. Looking at a variety of therapies from east to west, and from popularity and effectiveness, it was interesting to look at the top listed findings.

Number one was LDN (Low dose Naltrexone) which surprised me because when I had my recent relapse, I asked several gastro doctors about it and they weren’t too supportive of it – said there was no conclusive evidence that it worked. Hmmmm….Included in the list of the top 10 most effective treatments were surgery, steroids, Remicade and Humira (no surprise here) and even gluten-free and Paleo diets.

But what was also found in the top 10 was the use of Cannabis. Even though it’s widely known that smoking is really bad for Crohn’s (but good for ulcerative colitis patients!?!), it’s not exactly clear whether it is the actual smoke that is being inhaled that is the problem, or whether it’s the chemicals found in cigarettes that cause the damage. Either way, it is interesting to see the studies continue regarding the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes, especially for Crohn’s patients.

I mean, look what I found… just going to leave it here for your reading pleasure…

Interesting to see what patients find to be helpful in their Crohn’s treatment, maybe even contrary to doctors’ opinions. I guess trial and error is a good practice when things flare up and you need to try something new. I know that acupuncture and energetic healing have been really good for me to manage pain, my immune system and stress reduction, which helps me deal and heal with my Crohn’s.

Have there been any kinds of treatments that have worked for you that perhaps are a little off the norm? Share your thoughts.


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