Poop like a champion!


(Image from spreadshirt.com – imagine having this on a t-shirt that you walked around in?!)

This amazing blog from my friend Kate Callaghan is superb! Not only does she give great, practical advice on how to eat and live well (“Eat the rainbow”!), she has blogged about unclogging your bogging!

Constipation is seriously the WORST! It’s not even about not pooping for a day, but includes not having that full bowel motion so you feel emptied. Crohn’s disease is annoying in the sense that you can have anything from the liquoops to diarrhea one day, and then be constipated the next!

It happened to me today – went to the loo, did a little poo, and now I feel clogged, not knowing what to do (poetry genius!). So I drank two cups of my Husk ‘Digest’ tea, which helped things move some more, but I still didn’t feel that awesome satisfaction you get from having a proper poo. So I decided to go to a yoga class, and started to feel cramping on the left side of my abdomen and I knew it was the rest of the poo stuck! A couple of stretches, bends and massaging the area, I eventually asked the yoga teacher when we were in the downtime period of the class (you know, the one where they say, “Do an inversion- a back bend or a head stand, OR you can just lie down and close your eyes” and everyone chooses to sleep…) what I could do to help “unblock” myself (I have no qualms talking about being constipated, clearly!). Anyway, she instructed me to massage some points near the elbow bend and to lie with my legs up the wall with a blanket propped up under my behind. After 10 minutes of blissing out in this position, the cramping on the left hand side started to get worse and I could feel my abdomen swell up and bloat. Poor little tum tum. But soon after that I drove home, and pooped like a champion! WAHOO!!! Now THAT’S the satisfaction I am talking about, when you literally want to skip out of the toilet with the biggest smile on your face! Pooping used to be scary and painful for me, but now it is like a dream – and I seriously cannot enjoy the rest of my day if I know I haven’t done a proper poop, because all I end up doing is thinking about pooping. My husband will even vouch for me that I am not comfortable leaving the house for the day until pooping has been done properly!

Anyway, Kate’s blog http://www.againstthegrainnutrition.blogspot.com.au/2014/07/21-ways-to-relieve-constipation.html has 21 ways to help you relieve constipation. I also find that magnesium tablets also help, so that could be #22. What are your tips to allow a good poo to happen?

Happy pooping everybody! Better out than in!


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