Kinesiology – your body knows best…


Last week I went to my first kinesiology session with my sister-in-law’s sister (find Erin through Facebook’s ‘Achieving Balance’). It’s taken me a week to process the whole experience and to also do some further research about it as a healing practice.

Kinesiology is a healing technique that tests your muscles that represent different parts of your body to essentially listen to what the body itself says it needs healing with. I was asked what my goal was for the session and I said that I was generally feeling confused about my health, that I felt like I had lost touch with my own instinct as to knowing what was right for me. So we put this sentiment into words so that my goal was written something like “to feel confident and stable about the decisions made regarding my health, especially on my own terms”. This profoundly resonated within me because I currently have so many doctors now that my dependence on their advice has become crucial, even though sometimes it conflicts with what I believe, or what other doctors that I trust have said. Sometimes having too much information can be a shit fight! And to no surprise, this issue with my doctors also came up this week!
Anyway, back to my first official kinesiology session – I was asked how my body’s response mechanisms work by holding up my arm and relaxing at the joints. She asks my body to show my “yes” and “no” responses by asking me to push against her finger – and seriously, there are times where I can not hold myself up against the touch of her finger! And it’s not like she is battling me with it, she is gently touching me, but my body is responding to her questions about my feelings, about my treatments and about my life experiences by either positively or negatively working against her touch. I did ask her whether my body could trick myself into responding a certain way, for example, I want my response to be something, thus, will my body adjust to match that response? But no, it didn’t work that way.

Consequently a lot of emotions surrounding anger and resentment came about – typical emotions that hold in the pelvic area (go figure!) so it doesn’t surprise me that I developed this fear of letting go… and I have Crohn’s in my rectum. Unbelievable. Her questions sometimes surprised me – emotional issues that I thought I had resolved physically manifested during my session: fights with family members, feeling used by friends and exhaustion and frustration with my own medical condition. Tears brimmed to the surface as floods of memories came over me in regards to her guided questions. This is how it looked:

Kinesiologist: “What feelings are coming up for you? Feelings of frustration? (slight push/touch of her finger against my arm, no movement) Anger? (slight push against my arm, arm starting to give way) Feelings of resentment?” (arm can no longer resist against her touch!). Ok, resentment. Resentment to self? (Arm stays strong) Resentment to others? (Arm gives way) Resentment to friends? (No movement) Resentment to family? (Arm gives way) Male? (No movement) Female? (Arm collapses). Ok, feelings of resentment towards female family member… let’s go through names…”

And then the process begins again. It’s like trial and error with the questioning, and the direction it goes in depends on my body’s own responses, NOT my own verbal responses. And sometimes I don’t even know why my body is responding in a certain way, but we just have to balance the energy.

After we figured out how my body is feeling, she asked me to think of the incidents that I could recall that were associated with resentment and imagine me blowing up a balloon (I imagined it to be green) and blowing all the incidents into this balloon and then visualizing the balloon being removed from me. I imagined it just floating away. The next balloon was for disgust (and it was blue in my mind), and I visualized myself blowing it up really big, tying it up, and then grabbing a pin to burst it. She also asked me to visualize the energy around my pelvis (I imagined it to be orange) and picture it moving around and permeating my colon and rectum to allow it to heal. After the session I felt much lighter, and much happier, knowing that my body and it’s muscle memory had released negative energy that I had been unknowingly holding onto!

Crazy thing is, I got home and was curious as to why these very specific colours (which aren’t even my favourite colours, so it’s not like they were the first to come to mind!) came to me when I was visualising healing and emotions. So I looked at what the colours meant according to the chakras and WOW! Were they spot on! Orange represents the colour found in the sacral chakra (I swear I did NOT know this before I had started my session!) and this chakra is in the PELVIC REGION!!!! The green colour represents my heart chakra, which makes sense considering it was the feeling of letting people down, and sadness that people were no longer in my life, and the blue colour represents my throat chakra, which also makes sense because it is about expressing myself and letting go of humiliation.
A really fantastic session – it’s low impact, which is perfect for anyone not feeling well, because you just lie there and your body does the talking for you! It is definitely worth doing a kinesiology session, even if you are a bit skeptical, you cannot deny how your body physically reacts to certain questions! It’s quite funny to see how all of a sudden you are superbly weak against someone’s finger!

To learn more about the chakras, look here
And any additional information you need about kinesiology, check out ‘Achieving Balance’:

and this website generally about kinesiology is also very helpful:,12053

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