My “bubble” bath…


WARNING: Graphic and gross detail coming up.
The most fascinating and disgusting thing just happened to me while I was in the bath tub…last week I noticed another abscess forming down below, but this time it wasn’t internal (you know, hiding deep in the depths of my tissue, which is where it usually is). It was external, out in the open waving “Hi!” to me, reminding me that things aren’t quite right “yet” (magical word of optimism!). It looked like a large blister (size of my thumb) in terms of the shininess of the skin that stretched over it, the redness in the skin surrounding it, and when you touched it, it bounced under your finger tip, like a bubble would. It was getting progressively more and more painful and larger every day.
As you can imagine, all of last week I was in quite a state about it, but kept it together (BAHAHAHAHAH – laughing out loud hysterically) knowing that I was going to see my surgeon soon. Ok, to be honest, I did try to get an earlier appointment but it wasn’t possible – I mean, I knew I could hold out for a week, but at the same time, I was terrified that this thing had grown in such a short period of time!
Anyway, to “keep it together”, I started upping my salt baths again to twice a day, applied zinc cream to the area several times a day to act as a barrier and alternated with coconut oil. I prayed, I cried, took pain relief, went commando to let the area “breathe” and had this deep longing that I needed to get help ASAP. I was seriously a scatterbrain at work, doubling up on my work because I had forgotten that I had done it – seriously, ZERO presence! It just weighed in the back of my mind that I wasn’t in remission and it was happening all over again- the swelling, the pain… I started even waddling again because it was getting painful to walk and sit again. A total “FML” situation!
Anyway, I was just sitting in my super hot salt bath, and just as I pulled the plug out to get out, I looked between my legs and noticed that the abscess was starting to drain! The fragile layer of skin surrounding this “bubble” had broken and it was oozing pink- a combination of pus and blood in a steady stream that made these beautiful formations in the water – part of it floated and some of it resembled a softserve ice-cream formation just where I was sitting. It seriously was fascinating! And seriously gross!
I actually said out loud “UH OH!” from the utter shock of this observation, and then quickly had to tell my husband to stay out of the bathroom when he came over to ask what had happened – I didn’t want to gross him out, I could be grossed out for the both of us! For 20 minutes I just watched this abscess very slowly drain itself until it was just a small skin flap…it was a wonderfully joyous and scary situation. I seriously cannot believe that it happened!
I feel assured that I am seeing my surgeon tomorrow so not much else can go wrong between now and then (it’s bed time after all!) but I am also concerned- is there a fistula that fed this abscess? Or was it a random, self-contained situation? Is it a good thing that it burst? Holy shit, what was my body doing? Clearing itself? Did I just HEAL myself?
I have Googled lots of things since about draining abscesses (did you know the difference between a cyst, boil and abscess? I didn’t…until now…Boils and cysts are kinda the same thing, but an abscess is an infected cyst – cheers: and a lot of them encourage a hot bath or compress to help open it up… of course, I was just having salt baths because I was trying to heal the area, not realising that this was a method of it opening up. Anyway, I didn’t incise it myself, it happened naturally…for whatever reason. I’m anticipating that my surgeon won’t be too happy with this situation (I don’t blame him!) so I may still need surgery to find out the cause of it forming in the first place, and I am sure I will need more antibiotics to assist in its healing now that it has burst, because my generous dab of tea tree oil on the site after it opened is most likely not enough of an antiseptic!
What I do know is that I feel a lot better – physically and emotionally. I’m not in pain, and the fact that I don’t have this large growth poking out anymore is really a relief, but I will know more after I report back to my surgeon. Will update when i know more.


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