Water works


I went through with my surgery yesterday, and I am feeling a lot better than expected. I can actually walk! Well, it’s more like a really slow shuffle waddle. But at least I’m not lying horizontally in agony! Still quite sore, but nothing that the weekend lying in bed and painkillers won’t fix!

After my last post (pre-surgery), I went to a yoga class which really helped calm me down. All that deep breathing and physical exercise helped remind me that my body is strong and my mind can be even stronger. It’s amazing how as you get older you freak out more about health and surgeries… I would’ve never have even thought twice about going in for surgery 5 years ago! The heaps of crying I did in the morning and the yoga class helped put things into perspective for me, and also put me in a bit of a zombie state (really should be a “zen” state) that I felt kind of this numbness and at ease about going into surgery. All that anxiety washed away!

What also helped was that within half an hour of me checking into the hospital, I was already being wheeled into surgery! Usually it’s another 2 hour wait from the time you sign in! Which just leaves you with too much time on your hands thinking about how hungry/thirsty you are, how much pain you are in etc. My surgeon came out to talk about the procedure and I told him I was anxious about it all but he managed to give me peace of mind by talking through what he will do, and reminded me of the positives of the surgery in the long run. And then, I was wheeled into the operating room, had a giggle with the anaesthetist about lying in stirrups for the procedure and then I woke up in recovery. This was the first time EVER that I was so coherent after a surgery. My anaesthetist got my drugging SPOT ON! I didn’t feel groggy, didn’t hallucinate any conversations with doctors, was able to talk to the nurses about how I was feeling (instead of making the usual animal sound effects!) and actually remember having a chat with my doctor about how it all went. Even managed to joke with him about turning me into Frankenstein’s bride with all the stitches down there! Even when I was wheeled up to my room, I was able to call my mum and husband to tell them I was ok and what room to find me in. They were still fluffing around because they weren’t expecting me to be conscious for another hour! When they came into my hospital room, they even said they couldn’t believe I was actually so alert and able to converse! So, when I find out the name of the anaesthetist, I am going to do a major shout out to him for being a total DUDE!

Spent the night in hospital, got my morphine shot at 1.30am when I woke up in heaps of pain – I love it when they give you the option of either Panadeine forte OR morphine, who the hell is NOT going to go for the morphine? I mean, is it REALLY a choice? Morphine is amazing. And it also gave me 5 hours of solid sleeping without feeling the after effects of the surgery. Now that I’m home, it’s just about taking it easy – no heavy lifting or walking for long periods of time. Plenty of rest and having naps after taking Tramadol (anti-inflammatory which makes me drowsy). Lots of washing after using the bathroom and salt baths. All of this is manageable. I am so grateful that the surgery went much better than I had anticipated. I still haven’t had a look down there as I know it’ll be a mess for a couple more days, but at least now I don’t have to freak out so much. I also want to use this opportunity to thank the wonderful people in my life who gave me a lot of support leading up to the surgery and now in recovery – you have no idea what an amazing difference your messages and well wishes made on me.

Anyway, the surgery has left me with a lot of dissolvable stitches from the top of my labia to my perineum. Considering this is similar to what a lot of women go through after giving birth, I did some research about how to heal with postpartum stitches. I found out a little trick when you are sitting on the loo, pour some water over the area while you pee and it helps dilute your urine so that it doesn’t sting over the stitches! AMAZING! If you have stitches in the area, give this trick a go, it totally works!
Also, drink lots of water to further dilute your urine to prevent super stinging. Plus, if you are on painkillers (Panadeine forte doesn’t do it’s magic like it used to though…) which usually clogs your system, drinking water will also help relieve the backlog. Throw in a couple of teaspoons of Benefibre into your water and your GA clogging days are over! WOOT! Water is totally healing in SO MANY WAYS! Crying, cleaning, cleansing, soothing… makes everything feel better. Do you have any other uses for water that helps deal with pain management or healing techniques? Share your tips!


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