The Fasting and the Furious


I’m going into day surgery again today to replace the 2 setons I have that help drain any potential abscesses or infections that might be brewing because of my Crohn’s, so I’ve had the day off and am an hour away from going into the hospital.

Anyone heading in for a procedure knows that one of the hardest parts of preparing for it (other than the fear, anxiety, stress, exhaustion…) is fasting – No food or drink 6 hours before you go under general anaesthetic. I’ve looked into the reason behind this and a lot of sources say it’s because when you’re under, the contents of your stomach can flow back into your lungs and cause all sorts of complications. Gross. Either way, fasting when you already are feeling sorry for yourself is not a good combination, and I assure you that by the time I get to the hospital, I will seriously have my cranky pants on and be in some foul mood. Sorry in advance to the doctors and nurses looking after me today!

But there are some(times) wonderful things that I do to distract myself from feeling thirsty and/or hungry…or in my case…hangry.

1. I cleaned the house this morning! I furiously scrubbed and washed the bathrooms, tidied up the bedrooms, put on the laundry and did general sorting. And when all that activity started to make me feel hungry, I would have a nap. Which brings me to the next thing on my list…

2. Naps. They are the best. Sleep away the day! And don’t feel guilty for it. Best way to distract yourself when you’re hungry and low on energy.

3. Have a cool shower and rinse your mouth with some water – the sensation of having something wet in your mouth gives the illusion that you have had something to drink

4. Chew gum – sometimes controversial because it can make you feel hungrier! But I find when you have a minty taste in your mouth, you don’t feel like anything anyway. Alternatively, brush your teeth.

5. Read a book/newspaper/magazine and get some tips about the world or lifestyle. I got a free moisturiser sample with my Marie Claire today. My skin is glowing! hahah

6. Write a blog about distracting yourself from avoiding to eat and drink before surgery (Exhibit A)

7. This is what I ideally would like to do but am yet to do it, mainly because I’m too tired to leave the house before going to hospital, but go get a massage! That would be thoroughly relaxing and distracting.

Things to avoid doing while you are fasting:

1) Do not, under ANY circumstances be around anyone who is eating, unless you are prepared to end the friendship by scowling at them the whole time for satiating their hunger. Also do not cook!
2) Do not enter a restaurant/food court/supermarket – it is amazing when you are hungry how sharpened your senses are… I can smell food from a mile away, and the colours of food seem so bright!
3) Avoid sitting in the sun – the heat will make you feel hungry and will make you even more sweaty and thirsty
4) Avoid watching mainstream tv…there are way too many ads for food! Will just drive you bonkers.

What other tips do you have to distract yourself from pre-op hunger? Would love to hear other suggestions…in the meantime, I am going to have a nap x


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