After being diagnosed at 15 years old with Crohn’s Disease, I have gone on a very interesting journey to best deal with my Crohn’s and heal myself with it. From learning about what it actually is, to being in denial about having it, to FINALLY accepting it as a part of me, it has been a rollercoaster of physical and emotional symptoms. I try and find the positive in my situation (where I can…sometimes it’s a mission!) and I hope that this blog of my struggles and successes can help others…either way, writing this has helped me come to terms with this chronic illness better, and by documenting my story, it has helped me reflect on the things that have worked for me that will keep me moving forward. Sharing is caring, so please feel free to contribute your own successes in your journey of dealing and healing with Crohn’s Disease.522451_10153719769825613_179435127_n


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